Exploring Edovo’s Content as a Facility Staff Member

Exploring Edovo’s Content as a Facility Staff Member

Facility staff members can learn more about Edovo’s content in several ways:
  1. Find information about all Edovo content and drill into course enrollments in the Insight Content Directory
  2. Explore and engage with content like a Learner by accessing Learn using your Insight login information
  3. Find out general information about content and see what new content is coming soon right here in the Knowledge Base

Reviewing Content Information in the Insight Content Directory

The Content Directory provides a high level overview of each content item available at your facility. You can access the Directory in Insight by clicking ‘Content’ in the top navigation bar or on the home screen. Search or browse through the Directory to explore the courses, resources, assessments, surveys and content series available through Edovo.

A note on content purpose
You can filter Content Directory results by the purpose of content: education, entertainment, exploratory, or mandatory content. Education content includes all courses and learning resources like books and educational videos. Entertainment includes movies, games, and radio stations. Only agencies that license Edovo's Learn to Earn option have access to entertainment on Edovo. Exploratory content includes informational content like handbooks as well as other content that isn't considered specifically education or entertainment. Mandatory content is content that your facility requires all Learners to review prior to accessing other content on Edovo.
Click into any content card in the Directory to access the content details page. On the content details page, you can:
  1. Read the content item’s description and see additional information.
  2. Request the content be removed from your facility if it is not appropriate for your population. Learn more about removing content in this article.
  3. View course enrollments to see what Learners have taken courses and how they’ve done. The Enrollments screen allows you to see engagement metrics for all active Learners who have been assigned or started a course.
  4. Assign content to individual Learners. Learn more about assigning content in this article.

Exploring Content in Learn

The Content Directory provides a high level overview of each content item available at your facility. To preview the content or otherwise see what a Learner sees, you can log into the Learn application just like a Learner by using your Insight login credentials to access go.edovo.com. To learn more about the Learner experience, read about navigating content "Discovery" in Learn.

Finding Out More in the Knowledge Base

Both Learn and the Content Directory only show you information about the content currently available at your facility. You can find out about additional content offerings here in the Knowledge Base.
  1. Find out about recent and upcoming content releases with our Content Release Notes
  2. Learn about Plus content available to license at your facility and find one-sheeters about Edovo’s best content in the Edovo Content Offerings section
  3. Download PDFs of Edovo’s Core content lists