Sign Up for Training: Edovo Overview

Sign Up for Training: Edovo Overview

Equipping correctional agencies with the knowledge to maximize Edovo's impact is our mission. Every week, we offer interactive 60-minute training sessions on Edovo's core applications:
  1. Edovo Learn: The earner application for empowering incarcerated individuals
  2. Edovo Insight: The staff management application for efficient oversight and analysis
  3. Edovo Editor: The content creation application for custom programming
To sign up, simply complete this registration form to receive an email invitation for your preferred session(s). 

How to register

1. Click this link which will take you to the registration form.

2. Select your preferred training session by using the day/time dropdown.

3. Once you have selected your preferred session, fill out the registration form on the right hand side and select Register.

4. Upon submitting the form, you'll receive an immediate on-screen message and confirmation email containing a link to add the training directly to your calendar. Adding the training to your calendar is highly recommended to ensure you don't miss it. You'll alos receive a separate email reminder 15 minutes before the session begins on the day of training.

Please contact with any questions.